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Bottle water coolers vs. Filter coolers

When it comes to selecting the right water cooler for your space, understanding the differences between bottle water coolers and filter coolers is crucial. This comparison will help you make an informed decision based on your unique requirements, budget, and preferences.

Dolphin Sparkle Dolphin Smartb | Drinking water tank


  • High-quality spring water: Enjoy the taste and purity of natural spring water.

  • No main water supply needed: Ideal for locations without access to a direct water line.

  • Suitable for small and mid-size teams: A practical choice for offices, homes, or other small to medium-sized spaces

  • Cost-effective solution: With a price of only€0.05 for 200 ml cup, bottled water coolers offer a budget-friendly hydration option.

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  • High consumption: Designed for larger volumes of water usage for high-traffic areas or larger teams.

    No bottle storage and change: Eliminate the need for storing and changing heavy water bottles.

    Adjustable filtration: Customize filtration levels to meet your specific water quality needs.

    Touch-free technology (optional): Reduce the risk of contamination with optional touch-free features.

    Economical choice: Filter cartridges priced at only
    €0.03 per 200 ml cup, filter coolers provide an even more cost-effective hydration solution.

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Bottled water coolers:

Point of use (Filter coolers):

Need help finding the perfect solution?

Not sure which hydration solution is right for your space? Our expert advisors are here to help you find the perfect fit tailored to your unique needs.

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