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Dolphin Filter Plus

A guarantee of proper hydration, our flagship easy-to-use dispenser designed for any work environment.

chilled water
for 20-30 persons
hot water
without heavy bottles
unrefrigerated water
CO2 exchange
sparkling water

When functionality is key!

The large dispensing area allows for easy filling of cups, canisters or resuable bottles. By a touch of a button water is dispensed hot, cold or sparkling.

Modern look!

The exterior of the unit is made of ABS plastic and matte black powder coated steel side panels. The interface has a contrasting high gloss finish - this gives the dispenser a timeless, elegant look.

Combining easy of use with simple sanitisation.

Front panel acces to the filters make the exhange of filtermedia simple and fast and the stainless steel reservoir allows for easy and efective food grade cleaning.

Dolphin Classic White | Water in gallons

Free trial:
Try Dolphin for 3 weeks

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 3 bottles of 19ltr water

  • 100 cups

Special offer:
All inclusive for €1 / day

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 5 bottles of 19ltr water monthly

  • 100 cups monthly

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