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Classic White

Classic White

Classic Gray

Classic Gray

Dolphin Sparkle

Sparkle up your team! This multifunctional water dispenser offers parkling, hot or chilled water always available at a touch of a button.

chilled water
for 20-30 persons
hot water
no water supply required
unrefrigerated water
CO2 exchange
sparkling water

The perfect fit!

Uniquely combining the Pressure Vessel Direct Chill System with a CO2 water mixer, exclusively gives you both superb cooling and an extraordinary carbonation performance.

Distinctive in design and funtionality.

The intuitive LED illuminated buttons ensure a straightforward user experience, while the refreshing sparkling water makes you return for more.

A quality drink at every serving!

The patented WaterGuard offers protection against water leaks from cracked bottles and ensures that air-borne pollutants do not enter the reservoir.

Dolphin Classic White | Water in gallons

Free trial:
Try Dolphin for 3 weeks

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 3 bottles of 19ltr water

  • 100 cups

Special offer:
All inclusive for €1 / day

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 5 bottles of 19ltr water monthly

  • 100 cups monthly

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