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Water supply

Our main job is to make sure our customers have water when they need it. To this end, we have created an intelligent system that takes care of the automatic scheduling of water deliveries. This way, customers don't have to manually place orders or make phone calls. This system uses information from the past about how much water our customers use and what we have learned from years of experience.

However, if a customer finds that they are using more water than usual, they can still place an order and we will adjust the delivery schedule to meet their needs.

Water consumption tends to increase in summer and slightly decrease in winter. Our smallest supply consists of four bottles. It's no coincidence. We are a company committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Delivering at least four bottles per trip helps us use our vehicles more efficiently and reduce CO2 production.

Hygienic maintenance


To guarantee the quality of your drinking regime, your dispenser must be sanitised regularly. Sanitation includes professional cleaning and disinfection of all internal and external parts of the dispenser that come into contact with water. Dolphin provides this service in accordance with all food industry standards and guidelines. Sanitation is carried out by the company's qualified staff, trained in food processing and using chemicals designed for food hygiene. It is recommended that sanitation is carried out at least twice
per year.


Hygienic exterior cleaning


Dispensers that are installed in dusty or dirty environments, such as some production areas or workshops, require more frequent hygienic cleaning of the exterior not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent cross-contamination. Hygienic cleaning, like sanitation, is intended to ensure the perfect quality and taste of drinking water. The external parts of the dispenser during this procedure will be
properly cleaned and sanitised with chemicals intended for the food industry.



For the smooth functioning of the water dispenser, we recommend a descaling procedure once a year. Residual limescale can slow down the water flow and lead to damage to the dispenser. Failure to carry out timely descaling can also affect the taste and quality of the water. Descaling is carried out by qualified technicians using chemicals recommended for food

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