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Dolphin Balloon Adventure

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Dolphin water

Embark on a sustainable journey

Dolphin is dedicated to advocating for environmental preservation, emphasizing the value of clean water, and safeguarding our planet from escalating pollutants and contaminants.
Through the "Dolphin Blue Planet Initiative," we extend an invitation to our customers to join us on a voyage in the Dolphin hot air balloon, offering a unique perspective of our planet from the skies. This experience serves as a means to convey our vision and values.

Mastering the elements

Hot air balloons are the perfect way to become one with the elements. A balloon flight harnesses the power of Fire and Air, gliding elegantly over Earth. and complemented by a bottle of Dolphin Water, harmonizing the elements to create an unforgettable adventure and etch everlasting memories.

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Dolphin water
Dolphin Balloon adventure | Dolphin water

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

The Dolphin balloon fulfills the dreams of many of our customers that we take for a flight over beautiful Slovakia. We are thrilled to help make these dreams a reality while sharing our vision and values.  

In addition, we organise Dolphin Balloon Days, where customers, partners and friends are invited to take to the skies for a captivating glimpse of the ballooning excitement. In addition to our scheduled Balloon Days and VIP flights, customers can also rent a Dolphin balloon for corporate events, team building activities, personal trips or company excursions.

Dolphin balloon days

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Dolphin Balloon Day at a location near you. [View the complete calendar of all Balloon days]. Dolphin customers have the privilege to register for any event at any location, with a limit of 4 registrations per company. Children are welcome to join and will receive a special gift during the flight.

How to participate

Fill out the registration form and select your preferred date and location. There is a limited number of participants per day, so don't delay! Rest assured, you will be promptly notified if the daily limit has been reached, giving you the option to choose another date or location or await the Balloon's return to your favoured spot.


The flights are tethered, ensuring you will ascend and descend in the Balloon with three fellow passengers, all while the basket is securely attached to a rope. A seasoned pilot will accompany each flight, ensuring a safe and memorable experience lasting approximately 10 minutes.


Children aged 7 and older are also welcome to join. Every passenger will receive a special eco-friendly gift and a flight certificate.

* Free for all Dolphin customers!

Not yet a customer?

Not yet a Dolphin customer? Experience the benefits for your team now with a complimentary two-week trial of a Dolphin cooler!


Balloon Adventure Insights

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Dolphin water

Balloon flights are typically scheduled shortly after sunrise or a few hours before sunset to capitalize on favorable weather conditions.

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Drinking water

Passengers experience little to no discomfort from wind or cold, as the balloon moves at the same speed as the wind, and the warm air maintains a comfortable temperature within the basket. Flights can thus be arranged year-round, weather permitting.

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Drinking water

Certified as lighter-than-air aircraft, balloons necessitate a pilot's license for operation. Pilots must successfully complete a written exam, meet all FAA certification requirements, and pass a flight test with an examiner.

Dolphin Balloon adventure | Drinking water

Dolphin’s balloon pilots are uniformly trained, adept, and certified professionals, prioritizing safety above all for the benefit of all passengers.

Technical data

A balloon encapsulates a large bubble of warm air that ascends in its cooler environment. Flights commence by filling the envelope with cold air using a gas-powered fan. This air is then heated with propane fuel via the burner system, causing the fabric to expand into its distinctive form. Further heating elevates passengers skyward.

Pilots rely on the wind for navigation as there is no steering mechanism. Changes in altitude dictate changes in direction, the extent of which is contingent on prevailing weather conditions. To ascend, the air inside the envelope is heated; to descend, the air either cools or is vented.


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