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Dolphin Bottler Duo

Dolphin Bottler Duo Contactless & UV is contactless bottle filler that can be mounted optionally on the your drinking fountain! Quasar technology kills bacteria immediately at the spout, ensuring a quality and safe drinking regime!

chilled water
for more than 50 persons
unrefrigerated water
energy saving
without heavy bottles

The Dolphin Bottler Duo Contactless & UV kit provides unrefrigerated drinking water. This bottle filler includes an electronic sensor for contactless activation and a 30-second shut-off timer.

The bottle counter displays the number of uses to encourage refilling bottles.
Dolphin bottle fillers have a UVC-LED treatment at the dispensing point that disinfects the water during dispensing, killing 99.99% of bacteria. The UVC-LED is also switched on periodically to disinfect the filling point between fills.

Key components of the bottle filler contain a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of microorganisms and mold and protects surfaces from fading, odor and damage. Suitable for public buildings, gymnasiums, sports complexes, hospitals, schools and offices.

Dolphin Classic White | Water in gallons

Free trial:
Try Dolphin for 3 weeks

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 3 bottles of 19ltr water

  • 100 cups

Special offer:
All inclusive for €1 / day

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 5 bottles of 19ltr water monthly

  • 100 cups monthly

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