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Dolphin Smart

The perfect solution for small spaces, modern design, excellent compatibility and unlimited possibilities,

chilled water
for 1-20 persons
hot water
without heavy bottles
unrefrigerated water
CO2 exchange
sparkling water

Amazingly functional.

This little giant dispenses cold, ambient, hot, mild sparkling and sparkling water easily in a cup, carafe or reusable bottle.

A perfect office refreshment solution.

Self controlled, The unique led light supply buttons have an alarm for lack of water, flooding or malfunction in the heater, Hot odels are equiped with an energy saving function to reduce energy consumption during periods of non-use.

Zero impact!

Using the totally natural refrigerant R290 this cooler is an ecological justified choice with zero impact on the environment, It's the only cooler in the industry approved by Greenpeace!

Dolphin Classic White | Water in gallons

Free trial:
Try Dolphin for 3 weeks

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 3 bottles of 19ltr water

  • 100 cups

Special offer:
All inclusive for €1 / day

  • Dolphin Classic water cooler

  • 5 bottles of 19ltr water monthly

  • 100 cups monthly

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