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Dolphin Spirit

Introducing the all-new Dolphin Spirit

The revolutionary water dispenser connected to your water network. Modern design, unconventional look and lots of utility. In the office, in the bar, in the restaurant... it's hard to resist its rebel spirit!

Very "hot" Spirit by Dolphin

Spirit dispenses plenty of cold, still or sparkling water, it is equally effective when you need hot water. In the Hot version, hot water is always available and dispenses up to 98°C, the ideal temperature for making tea or infusions.

Simplicity and rebel spirit.

You only have to look at the Spirit control area to understand its personality. Simple controls for tapping four types of water... Need anything else?

Revolutionary rationality

Dolphin Spirit meets the most demanding expectations. Such as being compact and stylish while offering the latest eco-friendly filtration technology and a large capacity of cold, hot and sparkling water of the highest quality. Special features include Led UV and silver-plated system for exceptional microbiological protection.

Try our new Dolphin Spirit


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